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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Went to macau and zhuhai with dad's company. woke up at 2am to catch de 6am plane. early hor. i thought i could shop till i drop there but i was wrong. it's winter! so alot of winter stuff selling now. definitely not suitable for hot, sunny singapore. it's quite cold there. had like 4 layers of clothing on me. and the winds were pretty strong. sight-seeing in macau for day 1. the most memorable was de macau tower which is 338m high. on the second highest floor. there was this roundabout thing u could walk to see the view of the country 360 degrees. But, the floor! it's was a transparent glass panel! which means if u stand on it and look down u could see the ground 338m below your feet! not very nice for me cos i have height phobia lol. but this is nothing compared to those who did de bungee jump off the tower. a pity nobody in dad's company went to do the bungee jump. but i saw a woman doing the junp.she went down really fast! brave ah that woman.she still smiled at her friend's cam before going down. after that took a bus to zhuhai(china). sight-seeing there again. nothing much there except going to de underground shopping centre. you could really bargain there! my dad, he bargained for my bro's jacket from $270 to $120. other than shopping centres, there were lots of hei-dian there. cheat ppl money one. Day 3 went back to macau again. abit silly cos went back and forth and not to mention going through customs so many times with very very long queues.went to the venetian hotel cum casino cum shopping centre. it's nice! the design of the building inside and outside. so grand. even the toilet is high class lol. took lots of pictures there. den it was free and easy after dinner. there are lots and lots of casinos in macau. everywhere you turn, there is one. Day 4. went shopping before going back to sigapore. at least i was able to get something this time.

at the airport at 5am.

this guitar is huge man! the tip cant be seen cos it's simply too huge to fit.

St Paul's Cathedral

Group Photo!

if singapore could use this method of payment for parking cars, it would be better than using those coupons with so many holes. lol.

views from the macau tower

the transparent glass panel i mentioned. that's my brother.

Nice sunset huh.

this place was super cold! cos it was near the sea. sea breeze lol.

Family Photo.

my brother um with a guy acting as a statue. this guy's good man! he really didnt move!

Last group photo before going back to singapore.

I realised my brother did this everytime my youngest brother tried to take a picture of him.haha!

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