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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am NEVER going blading again. At least not in the near future. And even if I do, I am definitely not going to do slopes. Ugh. How i regretted blading down that damn slope. Should have walked down with my socks or stayed on top. I fell on my butt!! The moment I hit the ground, the impact was so huge that i momentarily blanked out cos it actually went to my head. I was like temporarily paralysed. The guys, Chng yong, henry and wei kiat. I dont know how they did it. Esp chng yong cos he is a first timer. They are extremely fast learners. Or mayb you shld say they are not afraid of falling and injuring themselves. But falling on my butt, which leads to my spine is no small matter. They should invent bum guards or something lol. And after I got up, we went to the bench to rest and the boys started singing again. As usual! While we were on our way back to return the blades, I fell again, down another slope! I gave up! I just walked all the way back with my socks on. And ppl were like staring at me. And because i fell, liwen fell too! Sorry liwen!! She got a disfigured knee and abrasions near her bum. I hope you are not wearing anything during new year that will show your injury. But, overall I did enjoy myself.

Photos I finally received (above)
And below are photos taken yesterday.

Lol, and alphonso. i seriously dont know how to use your tagboard. -.-

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