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Monday, January 19, 2009

It's goodbyes again. And I really hate goodbyes. Yesterday was the last day of work at john little expo. Sigh. So we took lots of photos and all. It's goodbyes for some, and hello again for some. cos in march there is another expo sales for john little and robinsons. so yay! we get to work together again. but those going to jc like wah rong and jing kai. must come visit ah. I had a whooping great time in all these 10 days. we had great fun and great time. And i got to know a great bunch of friends. and we are going to play badminton tml and blading on wed. and of course find work together. it would be great if we could work together. ytd i realised that henry, wei kiat and chng yong can be really similar to girls. they can be stuck in the toilet for 15 mins just to make their hair and the ones waiting are we, girls! not to mentioned cam-whoring and shopping. i shall stop here and let the pictures do the talking. cos pictures speak a thousand words.

Those plush toys we "stole" to put on our counters

Haha. nice formation hor. it slopes downwards lol.

The cotton candy was so huge. but it was finished in a minute. or maybe even faster.

Wad better place den to take a photo in front of a rubbish dump? lol.

I really really think chng yong looks like a frog in this picture. haha.

Just look at weikiat's hair la.
Yes liwen. u got tricked. thanks to henry's brilliant idea lol.

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