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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So ytd was my first day of school. It was great actually. I always loved first day of school. First lecture was on journalism. Lecturer was really funny. One hour break den another 2 lectures. Essential graphics and graphic desigh fundamentals. I dont really like these two subjects. Although I thought the softwares like photoshop, illustrator were cool. Esp the youtube clip, it was so hilarious. But I dont think I am creative. see the assignments reminds me of primary school art. Like design logo, posters. i dont like those.I still have to get sketchbook, sharperner, glue and coloured pencils( i havent used this in years!).Like art hor. Today lectures start at 4 cos we dont need attend tutorial. so 7 of us went for lunch at shokudo. requel and Janice brought cameras so we took lots of photos. Keith is seriously uh. I dont know how to describe. photos will be up when it's uploaded. And i havent got my laptop!! AHH. Mac or windows. Although i would prefer a mac but all those programmes and softwares, abit ma fan leh. how man??

I have no school tml but i have to work...zzz

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