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Monday, April 20, 2009

Today's supposedly the first day of school. But I didnt go school. Cos business school students dont need to attend tutorials in week 1. So tml is den my first day of school. I cant wait. And I am still waiting patiently to get my laptop. Most prob wed or thurs. Orientation was pretty much okay. And so is my class. But it's small la. 20 ppl only. Why is the queue to enter uniqlo still so damn long. Why are there still so many ppl?? I hope it isnt going to be like this always cos the queuing thing is a tad too ridiculous. And it's making all of us real tired from working long hours. Folding, standing and greeting. Got to work tml.

YAY!! I bought the yanzi concert tickets already! cant wait for 11 july!

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