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Friday, May 8, 2009

YES YES YES. I finally got my laptop!! but not really mine la. my parents actually created an account in my lap, so they can use it too. oh whatever. see, it's still not mine. I wonder when I can really own my OWN laptop. No nagging, no nothing. Just leave me alone, for goodness sake. Aznyway, we took like a few photos with it. haha. I thought there would be no school next monday, like my brothers. But i was so wrong. Poly students not included cos we are poly students?? Monday is like the worst day. Cos there is Graphic Design tutorial, but it's more like art actually. I am supposed to do logo design. sigh. And then there is selvan. I dont know wad to say about his lessons. I am utterly speechless. Okay. Pictures Time!! 
This is like so cool. haha.

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