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Monday, June 8, 2009

I have finally quit Uniqlo. Yes. I really dont know whether it's the right decision or not. But no doubt, I do feel a little exhilarated about the fact that I dont need to work like a mad cow anymore haha, and the pay is just ... ... But, the people there are great to work with, if not because of them I dont think I would last so long there. Like my dear twinny, feline, and hami, jodeline, humphrey, aisyah, nadhirah and more. Esp some of the new batch ppl. Wonderful people I have met. Subway we often have and chopsticks whenever we want to go budget. And the terminator story!! My goodness, it was super hilarious! Haha. Although I always feel autistic whenever I am at sales floor cos I cant talk , lol, it was still a great experience and I can say I enjoyed most of my time there. So, next week is my turn to bring the camera and start clicking away. Now, it's my turn to 'graduate'. 

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