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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It was an AWESOME weekend!! Haha. Seriously, after this week, it made me realised how much uniqlo had robbed me off my social life. So much fun I had this week plus I dont need to step into uniqlo for one week. *BIG SMILE* And so i didnt had much time to study because of that. But still, today's media and society test should be relatively okay. It feels more like an exam though. It feels very much like o levels except without stupid sciences and maths. I realised MDA is a regulator, and not a Gatekeeper-regulator hybrid!! Ah!! 2 marks gone. I had a great time out with the girls for luyen's birthday dinner. And this time it was monica who forgot to bring the present. Lol. Scully everytime got someone forget to bring present. TJC's guitar concert was nice. There was this 11 year old boy. Gosh, he's good man. Good, is not even the appropriate word to use la. His fingers and speed were stunning. If i can play like that next time... ... ...hah, cant imagine lor.
This is a lame picture la. A bunch of ants carrying their food. Cant really rmb who ask me to take this pic. Think it's either monica or munyee. -.-

HAHAHA. I was laughing my head off. Just look at luyen's face, the expression. Both of them are trying to be taller den the other. And i think, luyen is still taller den zixin. haha.

The cheesecake was great! 

Look at both expressions--it's the same.


TJC's Guitar Concert

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