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Friday, June 26, 2009

Sighhh. Marketing totally spoiled my record. Wonder how much it's going to pull by grades down by. I am hoping I still can maintain it at 3.0, please!!

Went to Far East with munyee today, Shopping spree it was. I spent over a hundred! Found the shoes I have been looking for and bags! My BIG BROWN bag. Haha. And the vest which the kiam-siap aunty was selling. I think it's going cheaper now. Munyee said we should go far east every month. LOL. If we do that, my account will deplete very quickly. So, better not. Next stop was People's Park Complex, was overwhelmed by the plethora of fabric stores they have there. Make me spin only. I wish I had a car so I dont need to squeeze with all the people. Why did the government change the rule? It's supposed to be next year, 21 years old is still a far way off!!

School's starting at 1 tomorrow. Yay. Which means I can sleep until I shuang.

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