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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The concert was DAMN AWESOME!! Awesome is a huge understatement to use. I think it's the best concert so far. The visuals, the lights, the effects, the dancers, everything and of course YanZi's singing was superb!! The dancers were really good. Too bad my seat was a little blocked. But at least it was super near to the stage. And the camera is lousy lor. Pictures come out blur cos got some idiot keep on shaking the chair. How to take with steady hands you tell me? The concert this time was very very different from her usual, the song style, the song list. It's very refreshing and full of surprises which is delightful. Her singing dont need to say one la, sure blow everyone off one, super power sia her voice. It's like a million times better then listening to the cd. Haha.

Nathan Hartono was the guest performer. He's quite good, his singing. And it's Jazz. Of course I like. His rendition of Michael Buble's Moondance is nice.

I have no idea why the pictures in this post are in reverse order. Lol.

Although the concert lasted for around 3 hours, It's still not enough leh. haha. When will she be holding the next one?? I cant wait!! This time, no matter what, I am going to choose the middle block.

PICTURES!! Tons and tons of them! Yay.

After the concert

This is damn cool. She's not there you know. Just 'appear' there only.

The dancers in these outfits were uber cute. Their actions were hilarious!

Nice right!
Wanted to buy this black tee. but sold out alr by the time I got there. =(

I like this outfit alot!!


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