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Monday, July 20, 2009

I really really dread mondays. I dread lugging so many things to school. I dread bringing the awfully inconvenient sketchpad to school. And I dread all the lessons on monday. I dont like Art, I never did.

Okay, I am actually fine with art. Drawing relieves stress. And you know when you look at what you have just drawn and it's nice. You feel GOOD. But when you have to explain why you draw it this way and that way. It's not nice okay. Like oh, because I wanted to put in Law of Proximity and Law of Closure so I drew it that way. I mean, really, do you actually think of all these design fundamentals and laws before you start on your drawing? No right. You just draw what you have in mind what. Let it flow naturally. LOL.

Mondays are a drag, maybe till this semester is over. And also provided that the school churns out a much better timetable. Please, DO NOT put those subjects that I do not like on mondays, it just adds on to the already prevalent monday blues.

Today was like the worst monday I ever had in my whole schooling life, I think? Wasted $7.20 on cab fare too because of that stewpid sketchpad. Gah. Tomorrow would be a much better day, cos it's not a monday!~

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