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Monday, July 6, 2009

It was raining heavily yesterday. It's been a long time since it last rained like that. Nice! I miss the rainy season when the weather was so cooling and all. It's relief from the bout of hot, humid weather we had since the beginning of the year i think? Whoever said that the humid weather would last till september is obviously wrong.

Blu-Tac is lousy cos my posters fell when the wind blew. It's not even sticky after using it for awhile.

I like the dark grey skies and the sound of the rain. But it makes me sleepy. Plus playing jazz just puts me into the i-just-want-to-laze-around mood.

Humphrey's birthday celebration was on Saturday. A mini Uniqlo gathering! Missed you guys! The chalet is awesome! The decor and everything. It feels like I am attending someone's housewarming party more than attending a party at a chalet. The strawberry oreo cheesecake was yummy! We bought humphrey 21 golf balls! Lol. 21st birthday mah haha. Nad brought her dslr. I cant wait for photography next year! Woo!

I am blogging as a temporary procastination to doing marketing journals. They can really be quite a drag sometimes because you just dont know what to write! Hoping that after this, perhaps I might get some sudden inspiration on what to write. Sigh.

Tommorrow's speakers series, gotta wear formal attire. Haha. FUN!


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