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Monday, August 31, 2009

Take a step back into that time-machine

Can somebody, anyone really, please remind me to tap out whenever I exit the bus?? I wasted god knows how much on bus fares today, cause i keep on forgetting to tap out. Normally, I use concession. Unlimited what, so dont have the habit of tapping out. But, this month not using concession, so I dont have the habit of tapping out la. Grrr. 

Okay, so today we went back to chung cheng for teacher's day!! Nostalgic you know. Everyone misses secondary school days. Kinda miss going there for school. Especially every morning, when we go down for flag-raising at the sound of 'william tell'. And the school bell sounds so unfamiliar now that you kind of miss it. And you know that now chung cheng even has a fingerprint clock-in, clock-out system??  No more attendance sheets. High-tech already. The fingerprint scanner thing still can take your picture one you know! Crazy. 

Okay okay, pictures! Too bad my camera batt flat. Not can take more!

Our old classroom =) We sat at the seats we used to sit somemore. Hahaha.

This used to be the locker area. Now become one huge, blank space. Cos they move the lockers into the classroom. So sad hor. Still rmb last time we always go locker area to slack one.

Group photo with alphonso and zhenyan--tuition group lol! Zixin go remind me of the bio talk we had during study session last year. Damn it la, super funny. I know both photos look the same but it's two different photos okay. Lol.

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