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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hahahahaha. I am in an extremely euphoric mood right now. 

Why? Because,

How many times do you actually buy something you see online and when it comes, you just go 'oh my god, it's damn nice!'  It's like you know you didnt waste your money because you are so loving that item right now. 

Well? It doesnt happen often right? Lol. 
Although I dont like seeing my hard-earned money deplete, shopping makes me HAPPY!! And it's especially so when I bought something I really liked! Haha. Okay, I know it sounds stewpid k but it's a great mood uplifter from all that studying.

Cant wait for the exams to be over. And please, I want to say hello to all the Bs and As.

Can the letter 'see' just stay away, far far away from me!

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