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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The smell of something new

I love going to Ikea. I like the wood smell there, you know, it's smells 'new'. It's like the leather smell of a new car, the new furniture smell of a new house. Everything's like brand new and I like that feeling. But then again, who doesnt like novelty? Everyone's excited at new things. Right??

Plus, you see all the nice furniture and stuff, make me excited only. Like I can already picture how I want my house and room to look like next time. But I will aim my room first. I am going to give my room a new coat of paint this holiday. No more pink! Yay. The pink in my room was painted since we moved in uh, 9 years ago?? I was only 8. Of course I thought pink was nice, then. Which girl at that age didnt think pink was nice? But now when I look at my room...tsk, it's not nice anymore. Cause, I feel like a small girl that hasnt grown up. Not that it's a bad thing la. But I just dont want my room to be pink, not nice la. Haha. Sorry Deanna! I know you like my room the way it is now.

Okay, Monica finally posted pictures that she owed us for a long long time. =)

Going back Chung Cheng for teacher's day celebration on Monday!!

P.S: Isnt this font nicer?? So, i decided to change the font for my previous few posts too. So it looks consistent. I got too much time to spare now la. Haha.

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