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Saturday, August 8, 2009

My brother is taller then me. Yes I know it's expected, it's just a matter of time right. But, still I just feel 'defeated'? Haha. Is that the word to use? He keeps on going, 'Jie, see i taller than you already.' And you can see the smugness radiating from him. Damn it. 

But actually, I dont even know what my current height is, that is if I did grow any taller. Cos, the last time I took my height was in secondary school last year during PE lessons. Maybe I did grow a few more cm? Without PE lessons in poly, there isnt any height and weight check or something. Still remember last time whenever the teacher said we are taking height and weight today, there will be a small commotion. Like, 'Hey, i grew taller!' and 'Aiya, never grow at all la.' Everyone would be busy comparing heights with one another. And Luyen and Zixin are always trying to see who would be taller. 

Miss those secondary school days. I miss the girls. I miss chung cheng's mee pok. I miss the cross country cum National Day celebration at East Coast Park. Because, we will just talk the whole 3.2 km run/jog/walk. And maybe just run a little here and there. All the lame jokes and convos we had.

Although poly life is fun, Secondary school days are still the best and I am sure everyone agrees with me. Right?

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