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Monday, August 3, 2009

Okay, so today was the submission of the last GDF assignment. Yay! No more GDF! And I definitely wont miss you, GDF! Haha. Goodbye!!~

Lollipops. Haha. Seriously, I do hope we do not get influenced by Leroy. His fetish with lollipops is scary. He can suck on like max. up to 5 sticks a day. Sugar overload!! But it actually does help when you are trying very very hard not to doze off.

Tommorrow's err abit of a waste of time? Lessons start at 9am and end at 11am. Because there's no more GDF and Ess Gra lecture. It's much worst then thursday. At least I get to sleep in longer on thursday cos it starts at 11am. I never do get enough sleep. Sometimes all that you want to do in the morning when the alarm clock rings is just to shut it and continue snuggling up in bed, thinking that your bed is the most comfortable thing on Earth. Hahaha.

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