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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yay!~ Blogger's working now. So many pictures to upload and it's going to be a wordy post.

Ytd went to Venezia for ess gra project. The school should give us project fund or something. Hahahahaha because we are poor people lol. Before that, Monica and I went to eat our long-missed bento!! It's a good thing we ate bento cos the rest of them spent a bomb at Billy Bombers. Lol, it rhymes. Bomb and bombers. Hahahaha. I know I am lame cos I am abit conky now because I am sleepy but blogger's working now so better post now in case it doesnt work tomorrow.

Munyee, I know you are jealous we ate bento but we will go soon okay? When all my projects and presentation are done and over with. Just think of the chicken! Lol!

I LOVE tingke so much. hahahaha. thanks for being my model k. you rock!

We went orchard ION after settling the photos for ess gra. The toilet is super damn nice you know! But the layout of the mall is kinda confusing cos we found ourselves walking around in circles. I found this really nice shop selling accessories. I think it's called Metallica or something like that. The designs of the necklace, bangles and earrings very nice! And I found butt's 'plane necklace', something which I hunted high and low for but to no avail for her birthday gift this year. Maybe it will still be there next year? eh butt, if next year your birthday, the plane necklace still there I buy for you okay?

After which, we got ourselves stuck at Sephora, at the nail polish section. And we decided to buy chocolate-coloured nail polish for the marketing presentation, Cos I went to try that colour and it looked like there's nutella on my fingernails. Hahahahaha.
Butttttttttt, there's this very very very nice shade of blue! But it's sold out. Awwww~

GDF makes life difficult for me, really. But I finished it already!! Was at it from 9am to 3.50pm today. Only took like a half-an-hour break for mac breakfast which Mr Guo treated the whole class too. Nice right~

I cant wait for monday, because I can kiss stewpid GDF goodbye!

OoVoo session again.

During Lecture on wednesday I think.

This picture of monica is damn funny! Classic!

Took photos with the kids I give tuition to. They were extremely amused by photobooth's effects. Haha.

And yesterday, at century square to Taka to ION.

Shaun's hands super not steady la. All pictures by him come out blur.

The cakes look nice!

Monica act cute lor. hahahaha~

Lol, look at tingke twirling.

See, so many colours and tingke still havent wash hers off yet.

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