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Friday, August 7, 2009

Yay, Ess Gra Project is done and over with! Woo~ 
Just one more, one more to go and we are done with all the projects and presentation for Year 1 Sem 1.

Marketing formal presentation is next Thursday and after that I have to foucs on studying for the exams. Just marketing is enough for me to spend a week studying already. It's alot la. Luckily, Journalism and GDF is not tested. Whew.

Crazy Taxi on facebook is fun! It's the next best application after Pet Society. Haha. Although it's just jumping and navigation, it's fun okay. And I have no idea why I cant beat Leroy's score. I just cant go further than 47, 574 points. Damn it. But I will continue trying until I beat his score! I know I can do it. Hahaha.

I am going to spend my weekend studying. I have to.  I have to stop procastinating already or else I wont have enough time!

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