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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zi Xin popped by mac lab yesterday after we had a nostalgia-provoking mass convo on msn the previous night with the rest of the girls too. Haha. So, we took photos.

I am so glad that all the presentations for this semester are over. =) It went well i guess? 
There was a mini 'class war' today. And it was really childish, really. Petty rather. Plus, it's between guys you know, not girls. Yes, it's a formal presentation but why so serious? It's a Q&A session isnt it? You should take questions and rebuttals in your stride and not hold a grudge and shoot back when given the chance to. It's really silly. Even the teacher could tell it was personal. Still, it was entertaining for me and the rest of the class.  Hahaha. 

After that, we went for karaoke! Wheee~
The room's small but it was quite okay la. 5 hours is not even enough. We had so much fun trying to sing Minnie Riperton's Loving You. Haha! It just made us double up with laughter. Hilarious. I wonder whether the people outside could hear us. I bet they could hear us cos I dont think the room is sound proof. They must think we are crazy. Lol.

Now that presentations are all over and done with, it's time to chiong for exams already!

Tommorow's Friday! Meeting up with the girls woo~ Cant wait!

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