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Thursday, September 10, 2009

C, stay away from me please.

Course results are out. I got straight Cs. Some C+ but still Cs. Exams only make up 30% of the whole grade while coursework takes up 70%. And my coursework is pretty much screwed. Sigh. But kinda expected la since all the subjects I take in semester 1 are my Achilles heel. Semester 2 will be better. Definitely better. Plus, there's photography. Woo~

Okay, I spent my time at home doing this. Too bored already. Hahaha.

This was taken when we were in cchms. I added colours to the shoes. I like the blue on zixin's shoes. I know my head's really small in this photo.

This was taken early this year I think when we went back Mavis to visit Mr Ng. Both of us liked blue. So, that explains to the bluey-ness of the photo. Hahaha.

Actually got somemore, but this are the nicer ones. I found this online and I thought it was really nice, especially the colours used.
And I changed it to blue.  

      I am in love with such photos. Hahaha. 

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