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Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Coffee Connoisseur

Dinner tonight at TCC was absolutely delicious. Awesome man. It's been quite awhile since I last had a meal which I can rave about so much. 

I had the seafood aglio olio. It's quite spicy but I like it! Haha. I dont know why, but recently I am in love with spicy food. It's like I can get a kick out of that spicyness. "Spicy until shiok!" Now I understand why Zixin loves spicy food so much. Plus, the scallop was just so tender and sweet that I kept it for the last. They only gave 2 la. The lychee soda was nice too. They didnt have peach soda so I made do with lychee and I was glad I did. And you know what's the name they gave to that drink?? Lychee Jazz. Lol. Ya, you get the link right. The food there's nice but the price also 'nice' la. The cheapest pasta is 15 bucks you know. But I guess the money was worth the price. I want to go back again to have the seafood aglio olio. Who's nice enough to treat me? Hahaha.

The sunny side up that came along with my pasta was damn cool I tell you. The yolk right, it slided off the egg white in one piece!! It didnt burst. See the picture? Left the white only. Cool right.

I dont know how my brother does that but you look at his eyes. Double eyelids right? It only last a few seconds then it will revert back to single. Nice hor the eyes. See the difference in size??

Got somemore pictures, but I have to wait till my dad gives it to me.

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