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Friday, September 11, 2009

Almost Bluey

Had a great time out today. It's really great we have such a tradition and we are still at it for the second year already. Next year, let's make it special okay? Cause, it's our 18th!

We went to Blujaz today. It's a really nice, cosy place you know or maybe cause we got one of the best seats. We are early birds what. Hahaha. The price of the food there was pretty much reasonable too. But the music was a little too loud and it's not even jazz. There's no live band playing today. =(

I think I had too much spicy food recently. Cause after having the seafood aglio olio which was spicy (it had chilli padi. woo shiok!~). My voice and throat is kinda cranky now. I sound weird. So i guess I going to have to abstain from spicy food for awhile. 

Hahaha. Munyee really knows how to pose.

Still got somemore photos with zixin and monica. Especially the 'artistic' shots we took. Gotta wait patiently.


Okay, got the photos from zixin and monica already. like finally. Yay.

We look so white! Geisha. Hahaha. Zixin's flash is so bright that it's hard keeping my eyes open.

Yay. Our 'artistic' shots.

Unprepared for the bright flash!

LOL. This photo reminds me of last year's countdown when she tied her 'vietnamese' plaits.

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