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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thank you, willis haviland carrier.

I got new spectacles. Full black frame ones which my mother sort of wanted me to get since secondary 2 or 3?? I think. 

And I regretted my choice. It's not that it's not nice but it kinda looks different from the way I remembered it should be. It looks nice when I was trying it out. But then again, also not accurate cause I cant even see unless I go really close to the mirror. And I think it's because of my degree. 500 plus and 600, so the lens become very thick. Then can see the lens jutting out of the frame, which is especially obvious at the bottom. Weird right. Sigh. I should do something about my eyesight or maybe I should just stick to half-frame spectacles.

Plus my new ones make me groggy. Waste money lar. Think I will just wear it at home.


Why is the weather so hot today?! Good thing my air-con works fine now or else I dont know how I am ever going to have a good night's sleep in this weather. I am so very very grateful to the person who invented the air-con. So, I went to google for his name. Hahaha. Plain bored okay. He's Willis Haviland Carrier. ( Yes I know I am lame but you learnt something new right??) I think it's one of the greatest inventions we have. Especially when we have global warming. Man, you dont know how much that invention has made my life so immensely comfortable. 

Because I'd rather be feeling cold than hot, sticky and sweaty.

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