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Monday, October 12, 2009

A Laudable effort?

I decided to D.I.Y my own nails. It's an amateur effort but I like the end 'product'. 

See, nothing much. Simple design only. And I only did the big toes cos it's 'big' enough. If I am going to do the other smaller toes, I would most probably ruin them. Haha. I think I will try doing this 'design' on my hands next time.

Okay, and for my hands, no design but I just want to post a picture of them cos I absolutely love the colour. It's the most gorgeous shade of blue I have ever seen in nail polishes. Woo~

I dont think the picture actually does justice to the colour because I am using my handphone camera to take. But yea, I love the blue.


It's the last week of the term break already. How fast. I actually cant wait for school to start. Hope this school term will turn out better. And I think it would cos the modules are kinda interesting. Haha. I am excited already. 

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