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Monday, October 19, 2009

I didnt know that Nikon actually manufactures spectacles too.

I kinda like the fact that lessons starts in the afternoon. Really, it's great. I dont need to wake up early, neither do I need to squeeze with all the people on the bus. I can wake up at 10 am or later. I can take my own sweet time to bathe, have my breakfast and read the papers. Awesome right. =)

School today was okay. Nothing much. But I know that I will be rushing deadlines soon, again. And for this term, there are little or no exams because it's 'project-heavy' because there are little or no exams. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?? 


I finally settled the problem of my new spectacles. I was right, there was something wrong with the lens. It's crooked! No wonder I felt groggy wearing them. Zzz. So, I thought I might as well get a new frame. I settled with a Ted Baker one. And I decided to stick back with half-frame ones. Better be safe than sorry. Oh, and while I was choosing the frame, I realised that Nikon (the camera brand) actually manufactures spectacles too!! I didnt know that! Haha.

I hope the Ted Baker specs will turn out good. I dont want to waste $$ again. And speaking of $$, I got a cut in my pocket money, because I dont have school on friday. =(

The weather is so damn hot today!! And it's already October right!?

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