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Friday, October 30, 2009

Phtography Tutorial 1.0

I just realised that my previous few posts were all so wordy!! Eee, I don't like, hahaha. BUT, this post will have photos! :D

I am still loving my timetable except thursday duh. But I still have not registered the fact that I have a fully online course. Procrastination sucks seriously. I tried to listen to the online lecture but I kept on getting distracted by the lecturer's pronunciation. It's kinda amusing you know. And, I just can't absorb. Plus, I still haven't submitted the quiz! Like most of the people have done it already. Tomorrow's the deadline!
( Self-reminder to self: Study MMP tomorrow since you have no school and complete the quiz!!)

Monday is 'waste-my-time' day. Go school for 2 hour lecture only. Zzz.
Tuesday is 'selvan' day. Hahaha. 

Wednesday classes are the best!! Per Com is great cos Mrs Nah is so funny!! She makes us laugh so effortlessly and she's just able to grab our attention. We sure pay attention one lor. Plus, I love the way she speaks. She doesn't have an accent at all but it sounds really nice! Maybe cos she was a radio personality once?? Cool huh. And after per com is PHOTOGRAPHY!! It's fun I tell you. Although it can get pretty confusing with the aperture and the shutter speed thing. But it's still fun. I think I will have an album every wednesday. Lol.

Thursday is '... ...' day. Got to be in school from 9am to 7pm. Drained at the end of the day only.

Friday, NO SCHOOL!!! *happy dance!*

Okay, enough of words and time for pictures!! They are from the photography tutorial on wednesday.


Tingke! She look so happy in this photo.

We were supposed to take close-up shots and...

Movement of feet (people running)...

And feet. Haha.

The rest of the photos are taken after tutorial. 

       Keith behind the cabinet in mediabiz.

Us! From left: Monica, Me, Tingke and Eileen after after class.

I am looking forward to the next photography lesson! Woo~

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