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Friday, October 16, 2009

What more could I ask for?

My new timetable is out. It's so much better than the previous semester. Which means our complaints worked. Haha. Do you know, I only have one morning class. ONE only! And the best thing is, I have NO school on friday!! Woo!~ 

So, the fact that I have got a 5 hour break isnt such a bad thing la. I can go catch a movie with Tingke and come back and we still can have more than enough time. Plus, I can even go home to take a nap or something. 

But, pity I didnt get the CDS I wanted. I got psychology instead. But, it's only a matter of time before I choose psychology. It's an interesting field of study. So I just have to make sure I get Theatre Studies next year. I am going to camp in front of my laptop since it's on first come first serve basis.

School's reopening on Monday, supposedly. But my mum told me that it's a public holiday, in lieu of Deepavali. So, can somebody tell me whether there is school on Monday??

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