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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Photography Tutorial : Light Painting

Photos last week for light painting didn't turn out nice. :(
This is the problem using SLR. Plus, our tutorial classroom isn't very dark. So some photos look over-exposed or the effect is just not what we wanted.

I like this one! Thanks tingke for drawing such a cute stickgirl. :)

This are the 3 best shots already. Shall try it on my own again when after I buy my dslr. :D


I think the rainy season is here already. It's raining almost every single day.  I must remember to bring my jacket everyday when I go to school! Cos, the buses are really freezing cold! Like freezer la. But nevertheless, I love this kinda weather. So cooling. Just don't get caught in the rain lor. Haha.

But then there goes my plan to go swimming every week. I finally stop procrastinating den the weather change. Sigh, which means I can't suntan myself already. Can't say hello to tanned skin. :(

Still, I hope it will be sunny this friday! :)

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