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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ponchos are better than umbrellas.

Photography tutorial is every wednesday as you all know by now. Today's lesson was on street photography so we went opposite school. BUT, just as we were about done with the photos, it started pouring!! And there's no shelter back to school. So, we were kinda stranded.

However, we got quite a few 'interesting' shots (plus it fits the theme) because of the heavy downpour. Like people dashing for shelter, stall holders bringing their stocks in. And, there was this cute little boy who was absolutely terrified by the thunder and he capped his ears the whole time! He just wouldn't remove his hands from his ears. So cute! I took a picture of him, shall post the picture when the film has been developed. :)

I really can't wait to get my DSLR. Because using an SLR isn't really convenient. I can't see the shots I took until I have them developed which makes me anxious. Haha. Plus, it belongs to the school. And one group has to share one. Which means you might not be able to capture great shots in time because you have to wait for your turn. Sigh.

Okay, back to the heavy downpour. Monica and I bought ponchos because we didn't want to get wet and also because we had to 'protect' the school's property. Lol. But tingke and eileen just went without ponchos and of course they were really drenched. Eileen looked like she just came out from the shower. And tingke was trying to squeeze water out of her shoe. Hahaha. I totally remember that squishy feeling when the socks and shoes are soaked. Gross only. 

Monica and I were dry except for our feet cos there were 'ponds' along the way back to school and I seriously hope that my slippers will be fine. It isn't meant to get wet. I think ponchos are actually better then umbrellas (minus the stares you get from people) in a way cos it really keeps you dry even if the wind is really strong. And it's cheap. Haha.


Oh, there was a meteor shower yesterday night. Tried staying up to watch but I just had to go to sleep at 1 am cos I think I won't be able to get up the next day (sleep is really precious to me!) Still, I couldn't wake up and was late for school. I don't like morning classes la. Aloysius saw the meteor shower though! Lucky him.

I don't really like posts without pictures. It looks boring IMO.

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