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Sunday, December 27, 2009

FINALLY, A comment section. :)

To all my dear readers who have commented/asked why I did not have a comment section, now I do!! :) 

My reason/excuse (lol):  Because, previously I was using the old blogger template and the comment section just couldn't work with my skin. Neither could the skin I was using work with the new blogger layout. So, you guys had to leave comments for my post at the tagboard instead. Sorry about that! Haha. 

So after so long, I decided to switch to the new blogger layout and might as well give my blog a spanking new look at the same time since that skin had so much problems. Therefore, your can now comment at my post! Yay! :D

Comment comment okay!


  1. yups, comment section is important for me to know my readers.....
    nanged u. Want to know more about the responsibility of a blogger? nang this

  2. tested out your comment section! it works great!

  3. Hi~ Just saw ur message...
    Testing... 1 2 3

  4. Awesome improvements! Haha. Shall I slowly comment for the previous posts? Haha.

  5. Haha. Thanks!! You can if you want to! :)

  6. Hey Butttttt!!!!!! Nice change! Sch start alrdy ah....I'll get smth for u from Msia ok! And we meet up and go Somerset 313! Hahaha luv u butt <3

  7. awesome! (: oh, if you could, it's better to hv a pop-up comment box so then, readers can scroll to read other stuff.. but hving a comment section is better than none!

    your first comment section, and you have so many comments already... hehe...