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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We saw a REAL Gingerbread House!!!

This is going to be a photo-filled post. :)

I went to City Hall area with Raquel today on her photography trip. Her photography won't be posted here cos it's in a private album since it's for her photography assignment. Haha.

After walking around Marina Square, we decided to see if there was anything we could find in Pan Pacific Hotel that would suit our theme for the photography assignment. 

Nice right these 2 shots??

Well, instead we found something else much more interesting!! We found a REAL Gingerbread house!!! When I say real, I REALLY mean real! You can smell the gingerbread smell when you step closer. The house looks really delicious you know! All the icing and everything. Remember the 'Hansel & Gretel' story? How can a witch ever live in such a nice and delicious looking house??

Haha, both us wanted to bring the house home. All the work that has been put into making the house is really commendable. Imagine the amount of time they have to spend designing, baking and putting it all together. Wow. I hope they don't 'demolish' it after christmas if not, it's quite a waste. Like all their efforts just for displaying it a few weeks. Kinda wasted.

Aren't these cute? 
They are real gingerbread/cookies you know!!

Ain't it nice?? Go there if you have the chance too and see it for yourself! The real thing is really much much nicer than what you see on photos! Plus, you don't get to smell the gingerbread just by looking at photos! :)

We saw some art display along esplanade. It was done using old newspapers and scrap papers. Kinda cute. This one reminded me of 'Tin-tin comics'.

Going out with butt tomorrow to shop for my formal wear. I have to wear formal wear twice a week when school reopens you know. :(


  1. Raquel is pretty! Try to enlarge ur photos. Bigger frame will get the attention of your readers.

  2. Yes! Quite a number of guys in class are like interested with her. Haha.

  3. pretty pictures! really nice shots... :)

    and i agree entirely with what crazywrazy said.. :)