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Monday, December 14, 2009

What Holiday??

Mid-Sem tests are over and it's the holidays now. But, it's going to be filled with projects and more projects. What holiday do we have? You tell me. Sigh, psychology group project, journalism group project, PerCom/MMP groupproject and photography assignments. (note the s? One is individual and the other is group) 

And speaking of the photography group project, the theme given is "Undiscovered Singapore". Singapore is so small already, are there still any places that is undiscovered or less known about?? My cousin intro us a few places, but these places are more like places for the brave at heart, though I think they are really good. Think: abandoned mansions and hotels. It looks haunted, even the photos itself are scary enough, imagine seeing the real structure. *shudders* Anybody know anywhere in Singapore that fits the theme??

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