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Friday, January 22, 2010

Current Motivation: Holiday in 3 weeks time!!

This week was hectic, next few weeks wouldn't be any different. 
I have:

  1. Psychology Presentation
  2. 4 Psychology quizzes due this sunday
  3. Think of what to write for service journalism (selvan likes to give us hard topics)
  4. Start studying for MMP and Psychology (this one is a killer)
  5. Prepare for MMP/Percom Presentation
  6. Prepare for Percom individual speech
I hope I didn't leave anything out. Haha. So, that's pretty much what I have to do before the holidays come. Psychology is a killer! The textbook is so damn thick. And do you know for the mid-sem test, they didnt return us our test papers at all?! Cos they said everyone did badly so there was no point in returning, just assume that you fail! What the crap! My tutor even added that they burned all our papers already. I really hope that the final paper would be easier please. Psychology is interesting but it ain't easy to study it. Nevertheless, it's an interesting and useful module.

You know school is throwing you too many things to do when you start sacrificing your sleep to complete it. Tingke and Eileen didn't sleep a wink at all last night to complete the project. And they still came to school today. See what school does to their students. Haha.

Yesterday was Ms Teh's birthday so the class gave her a surprise.
Class portrait! Spot me if you can. Haha.

There's no class tomorrow so I am going to get my hair curled tomorrow since most people said that curls suits me. :) Finally, a change of hairstyle. And I am going to colour my hair as well. Buh-bye black hair! 

Okay, I think I'd better get started on my psychology. Don't want to do last minute mugging anymore.

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