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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dear School, I need a break.

This week was even more hectic and crazier than the last. More deadlines, more work, more submissions, more things to rush. And I've started teaching again, which makes me a little busier. 

Let's see, right now I am done with:
  1.  My part for psychology and Percom/MMP projects, I just have to hope that nothing crops up.
  2.  I did my event photography already and I just posted all the photography shots that I need to post on flickr. 
  3. I am done with last week's MMP forum and quiz. (I haven't done this week's and next week's which is tomorrow. I am trying not to think of it.) 
All these were done in 2 days. It was a mad rush.

But, I have to say that this week was quite enjoyable apart from all the deadlines. Photoshoot and Fashion Photography/Runway. Fun fun fun, I totally enjoyed it. Haha. And yesterday was Nicole's Birthday Bash, photos below. So, at least I had some fun and rest.

Things to be completed: 
  1. This week's and next week's MMP Forum and quizzes. 
  2. And, the dreaded psychology quizzes that I need to complete by this coming sunday. :( 
Oh well. At least I've recovered already, and done with the course of antibiotics, like finally lol. 

And, I am thinking of curling my hair to look something like the picture below. My mum took this during the photoshoot. I might post the rest taken by the photographer after I get them. So is this hair okay? Suits me? I want looser and softer-looking curls though. And it's high time to cut my fringe. It's so long already. 

Now, photos during Nicole's 18th Birthday Bash. All were given stickers with a 'mission' or 'task' you had to do. Mine was pretty okay, to give hi-5s. Deanna's and Shaun's got the 'interesting' ones.

Above is Deanna's. Haha.
Below is Shaun's.

Him, drinking up as forfeit cos he lost while playing Indian Poker.
Picture with the birthday girl. (middle) 

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