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Friday, January 8, 2010

Tired but Refreshed.

This week has been one crazy, hectic week. And, I am really glad it's over. :)

School's been such a bummer this week. So many assignments, so many deadlines to rush and so many things to do. And I think the late nights and all made me sick. ( I strongly believe it was not due to the sanitizer that I might have consumed.) 

I have been down with a cough and  flu since tuesday. Flu's gone but my nose is still blocked. So I have a really strong nasal voice now. :( Hope I get well soon, especially my throat, because I really need to use it.

Although I am really tired, I feel refreshed now! Because I am finally done with all the assignments, for now, until the next few comes. Haha. Some photos to share from photography lesson this week and last week.

Above: Last week's photography tutorial

Below: This week's photography tutorial
We did panning shots!! The SBS bus one is nice, too bad it was cut off at the back, plus it's a little crooked.

Went to Forever21 with butt today. I could have spent about $200 plus there, but my mum only gave me $100. Oh well, next time then because I will be having income this month!! Yay. :D

1 comment :

  1. I like the bus and the cab photos.

    Cool. =D