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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY 2010

Happy CNY people! :) 
Hope you enjoyed yourself and may all of you have an awesome year ahead. :) 
Now, I shall let the photos do the talking. Haha.

Day 1

My brothers.
I love eye shots hahaha. Taken by my brother.
Family Photo 1
Family Photo 2
Family Photo 3
Family Photo 4
I don't like my pink room But I like my bed and the bedsheets. :)
'Paparazzi' shot taken by taiwei when we were called to eat yusheng. I likey. Hahaha. Cuzzie infront.
It looks nice? But looks deceive! It's the most horrible yusheng I ever ate. I couldn't even bring myself to swallow it. Yuck.
Family photo - Dad's side
I am so damn amused by this shot. LOL at my brother's face.
I like this. 

Day 2
Not much on day 2 cos I forgot to charge my dslr then low batt! So can't take alot. Sigh. Wanted to spam with cuzzies here like julian and shuhui. And of course the ahyis.
My dad took this then he um-chio to himself. Cos he said I look very emo. He told me test shot only what so I look down la! -.- But the lighting's nice though.

My face here abit ... so yea. I was wearing my aunt's 4 inch heels. I kinda like the way it elongates my legs. The highest I have is only 2 inch so I guess it's time for me to search for a nice pair of 3 inch/4 inch heels. :)
I like this shot with my brother.

Day 3
Went to Mr Ng's house. I could finally make it this year! :) Only me and alphonso went cos the rest couldn't make it. Brother went too but he too busy playing blackjack to take photos. And he lost money somemore.
With the best teacher I ever had. :) I miss mavis and mr ng's lessons. He made me liked maths like 40% more? Haha.

Oh and Keith, if you are reading this. Sorry I couldn't join you and the aussies, twice! The next time you plan I sure can make it okay.

Okay bye.