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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Everyone has some bit of narcissism in them.

Hi people, sorry for lack of updates. Was really busy the past few weeks. Had to give tuition, school, coordinating work, presentation and exams/tests. It made me had a migraine attack which sucks cos I hate it whenever I have a migraine attack. 

If you don't know what migraine is. Let me tell you. It is when the pain is only on one side of the head, behind your eye. And the pain is not just 'pain' you know. It's a throbbing kind of pain. You get what I mean? Like something that keeps on pounding hard against your eye socket and head area. It literally throbs. And other then the headache, you will also experience nausea, giddiness, and sensitivity to lights. Cos it will aggravate your condition. Not nice at all. So don't ever complain to me if you have just headache. It's minor compared to having a migraine attack okay?

But, I am glad it's all over now. :) Well almost, because I have one more presentation next week. But it's not a formal presentation. So, no seriousness and all (which I hate), so yay!

Well, as above. Everyone has some bit of narcissism in them. I think, I might be wrong though. So don't slam me if you disagree okay? Aah haha, denis said that he couldn't recognize me when I put one of the above pictures as my dp. Do I look very different with and without specs???

Photoshoot tomorrow. :)

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  1. quite agree! u r nasty! hahaha added u in facebook....
    nanged you. nang this to meet the Tiger Lady of 2010!