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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friendly stall owner + Delish prawn noodles = Very long queue

Almost everyone around me are having exams this week. And they are all mugging. I see all their twitter updates on how they hate econs, OB (i don't know what this is), biz stats, etc. But right now, I am wasting my time in front of my laptop, watching youtube videos and just trying to find something entertaining to do. Because, I am on holiday already!! :D

Their exams started yesterday. And yesterday, I was out in town, watching movie and going shoe-hunting. Absolutely shiok man. *sniggers*

I know right! Don't be jealous k. Haha okay, shall stop making those in the midst of exams jealous. Those mugging for exams, hang in there ya. Cos your holidays will start soon too. It's a long holiday too!


Okay, back to the main point of this post. As above, the equation. It makes more sense than maths and all that you are studying right! So much easier to understand. I am referring to the prawn noodle stall I had at Commonwealth which I mentioned a few posts back. To go there, tell the taxi driver, 16th storey in hokkien or chinese and they will bring you to the right place. It's called Commonwealth Food Centre but if you say this, you might be brought to the wrong place like what happened to us. But the prawn noodles were really good! The soup's the bomb! And you can choose whether you want mian or meefen or whatever kind of noodle you prefer. You can also be picky. Example; no veggies, no prawn, blah. They will not get your order wrong cos their ordering system is really interesting. They make use of mahjong chips, pick up sticks, pins, etc to 'record' your order. Go and see for yourself!

After being there for about 2 hours crazily snapping away, we decided to stop and try the noodles. The uncle/owner treated all of us to a bowl of prawn noodles each! We were kinda 'in their way' but they were all really nice to us. And he still treated us. Really nice people.

Pity they are sold out latest by 11 am. So you have be there at 10.30 am to be safe. As the saying goes, " The early bird catches the worm". So true lol. Which is why the rest of my family wouldn't be able to try it cos they ain't morning people. And it's so far away. Oh well.

Tingke took this and was very amused by my expression.
With Monica. We look tired cos we woke up at 6 or 7 am so as to be able to catch the morning crowd at 9 am. She only slept for 3 hours. At least, I had 5 hours of sleep.
Group shot with the friendly uncle! All of us look shagged here, except tingky.

So go try if you can. It's only 2 bucks by the way!

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