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Friday, February 12, 2010

Last day of Year 1. I will miss you guys, 1CO2 ♥

Yesterday was the last day of poly Year 1. Time passed damn fast, it feels like school just started only. It's like the orientation and first day of school was not long ago only. This is one awesome class and I can say it's the best class to be in, out of the 4. Tingky, Eileen and Monica should know why right. Haha. I really hope some of us will still be in the same class. 

WHO PICKED BROADCAST??? We might be in the same class! 
Orientation Day
Jump Shots, which i totally failed at. Shall master it some day.
Speaker's Series
 Finally done with Marketing Project, see how tired we are.
First formal presentation
Off to sing karaoke after marketing presentation. :)
LOL at this 2 photos. Seriously. Monica's face is hilarious, especially the one below. 
HAHAHA Tingke 
HAHAHA Raquel 
Class Light Painting 
Janice's shrek ears
Keith & Nava, both of them so cute la.
 Chilling at Deanna's house to wait for our cds to start. 5 hour break la! Guitar Hero and Mahjong. :) 
Nicole's birthday party.
The last formal group presentation of the semester.


And of course, we took photos on the last day of year 1. :)

Our photography group assignment 
My face looks *ahem* here, but look at leroy at the back.
Plaits for an 17/18 year old? What do you think?

To those who picked Film Theory, Good Luck! 
You know what I mean ya?

Hi Monica, classmates for 3 years and counting now. Really hope we will still be classmates next sem! You never fail to make me laugh can, 
since we were in cchms. HAHAHA.
♥ Hi Tingke, you are a great friend, you know it right. Thanks for 
putting up with all our complaints. Stay innocent okay!
♥ Hi Eileen, I will never forget the bus 8 incident hahaha.
♥ Hi Deanna, thanks for all the awesome sprees. :)
♥ Hi Keith, I will never forget what the palm-reader told you. HAHAHA
♥ Hi Nava, I'll be seeing you again for UWA trip, lectures and tutorials. :)
♥ Okay, HI SHAUN, here you go la okay. Lol. You are full of nonsense 
seriously hahaha, joker. And thanks for making me feel like a complete fool on wednesday.

To all others I never mentioned, you know you have been an awesome
friend. :D

The Aussie people are coming over tomorrow. 
I seriously can't wait for the UWA trip in March! :D

Okay, Goodnight people!

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