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Monday, February 8, 2010

Photoshoot for

As above. Firstly, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to for letting me have such an awesome time at the photoshoot. It was great fun and I met 3 other wonderful girls, the owner/photographer and the other 2 models (Ann and Britney). I think the idea of selecting 3 of their customers to model for them is a great idea. Haha. I think it's more fun than the modeling I did a few posts back. 

I saw so maaaaannny beautiful clothes, changing in and out of so many pieces, being able to see myself in different types of outfits and of course posing for the camera. Bottom line is, simply having fun. I totally enjoyed myself and would love to do it again if I can. Oh and I bagged myself a bag as well. (lol) The bag's really pretty! Pictures below.

The 2 other models. :) I know my eyes are small la okay.
This dress is seriously retro in my opinion.
One of the few tube dresses that actually fits me.
This silvery silk top is one of my favourites in this collection.
Mummy says she likes me in this dress the best. :)

These are my favourites pictures among this collection. There will be another collection which I will appear in, launching next week, so do look out for it ya? Help spread the word around your friends and family too. If you caught your eyes on any of the above pieces, or would like to see more (yes there are more, lots more), you can click here to visit thestylediary now. 


Went for my dad's side reunion dinner on Saturday at some 'restaurant' in Bedok. Food's pretty okay, although I couldn't appreciate the coffee ribs. Not a fan of coffee and the coffee smell/taste is really damn strong/overpowering for my liking. But the one thing that caught me was the toilet. Oh my god. The toilet is damn pretty! Not a toilet that I will expect in those kinda place. My house toilet is not even half as nice please. No photos though, didnt bring my camera with me. 

Before that, I went to all the way to commonwealth for my photography assignment. The prawn noodles were delish (esp the soup). Pity they are sold out at 11am (latest), so I think my family wouldn't be able to have a chance to try them. The uncle was really really nice. He has good 'pr' skills definitely. He knows almost all the customers, mingles around and chats with them. I strongly believe that's the other reason why his business is so good. We took a photo with him as well. Pictures all with tingke. Will post when she gives them to me. More details about this stall in my next post in case you guys would like to try.

My outfit of the day (which my mum loved alot):

I think she loves the vest with the white tank. I just love the overall combination. Especially, THE BAG. This was the bag that was given to me by thestylediary. It's much more prettier in real life. The pictures don't do it justice. It's coming out in the next collection by the way. 

Okay, that's all for today. Need to start finish up my script for percom presentation and the slides and the memorising. Bye people. Talk to you guys soon. 

P.S: It would be great if you guys can tell me which photo of the photoshoot you like best. I want to change my profile pic but I can't decide which one. Thanks in advance. :D


  1. nice shots.. somehow it's fun to get pictures like that right.. i think i want too, but not photogenic lah.. =P

  2. Thanks so much babe for writing for us. One of our friends showed us your blog and we really want to thank you for being a great model! :)

    Rina on behalf of
    The Style Diary

  3. Hey Rina!

    Thanks and you're welcome! :)

    Yi Ting