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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hi hi hi guys, I am in Perth now. Just a little update as I have internet connection that is limited. We can't exceed 2 GB usage of data if not there won't be anymore connection. 

The weather here is really awesome. Especially from 3 pm onwards. But after 5, 6 pm it can get quite cold. The apartment we are staying at is quite good too.

Food here is expensive. The cheapest food here are the fast food outlets. The rest are like 10 Aussie dollars and above. But we went shopping today and we got lots of stuff, a fruitful trip I would say. I am extremely pleased with the things I got from Billabong and Roxy.

Photos will be up soon cos we took lots!  :)
I kinda regret not bringing my DSLR along though. 

Okay, talk to you guys soon.

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