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Saturday, March 13, 2010

My teacher's house is damn gorgeous!

I am so shagged now. I woke up at 7 am everyday this week! I really wonder how those JC students do it haha. It's only 5 days but I can't take it anymore. But, I can finally have a good night's rest tonight. :)

Went to Little India today for the GC field trip. And we had to complete worksheets! It's so secondary school right! It was pretty boring. I mean how fun can it get walking around under the sweltering heat trying to search for answers to the worksheet?

But after it ended, we went to Mr Guo's house. That was FUN. His condo is SO DAMN GORGEOUS. It has an escalator up to this area which looks like a hotel lobby with posh red chairs and artsy paintings hung on the wall. And do you know the lift has air-con and LED lights that light up the interior. It changes colour every few seconds. Oh and there's a tv in the lift! How cool is that? 

I know I sound abit "... ..."  but it's the nicest condo I've ever seen! Anyways, it's located at Tanjong Pagar, so it's really expensive. I forgot the name of the condo though. But I think you can recognize from the pictures below. :)

 This is his condo! Ain't it grand?
 The seats at the clubhouse. I always loved chairs like this. Very resort feel.
 And then, the most hilarious thing happened at the Jacuzzi pool! Fiona fell inside it cos she missed a step. HAHAHA. Everyone was laughing so hard cos it was so funny. And she wanted to pull Jeanette in as well. (see pictures below)
Her phone's spoilt. But think on the bright side? A new phone! 
 See? Fiona's trying to pull Jeanette down hahaha. And Jeanette's like trying to hold on for her dear life.
 This thing is so cool. It's like a pavilion. But it can move! Just like a swing although you get dizzy after a while cos it moves in a circular motion.
 Keith was trying to sway us in the pavillion. 
 The guys went into the pool! They didn't care although we had scape training after that. Hahaha.
Checking our results on Mr Guo's laptop. Denis actually has the cheek to complain when he has to TWO Zs!! Wth, complain to me somemore! My GPA and his GPA, huge difference la!
LOL @ Shiva's face.
 With the girl who fell into the Jacuzzi pool. 
With mon at scape*

All the above people except Monica are the group I am going to Perth with. So, I think the Perth trip is going to be really fun with all the fun people! I am so excited!! It's this coming friday!

Now, who wants to send me off? It's a 9 am flight by the way. Haha. :)

P.S: All the above shots were taken with a digital camera, not my DSLR. Seriously, after using a DSLR for so long. You will think that a digital camera sucks. Eg: the quality of the picture. And you can't play around with the the aperture, shutter speed, even the ISO! Kinda boring cos the picture looks boring? 

But I don't like bringing my DSLR everywhere, it's heavy and bulky and I am really scared it will get whacked or banged against a hard surface or something. 

Oh well.


  1. House still looks good through ur Digicam. that is one Nice Crib! :-))

  2. super grand for a house. like a hotel!

  3. love spending free time in the jacuzzi.....

  4. i wish to have this kinda of condo for my crib

  5. wet...wet...wet.....poor that girl

  6. Nice condo.. The jacuzzi pool look so cute.