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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Some Mobile Uploads To Share. :)

Hi guys. Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy with lots of things recently. Photoshoots and the preparation for the Perth trip.

Speaking of the Perth trip, do you know that I have to be in school EVERYDAY at 8.55 am for the lessons?! And the thing is, I CANNOT be late if I not I will fail the module. I really hope I will be on time!

And then next week, there's also training for stop press and The New Paper at scape*. It's going to be a packed and crazy week.

The Aussies are back in Perth already. Hoped they enjoyed themselves during their 3 week stay in Singapore. :) It's going to be our turn soon. Can't wait. And I hope my luggage doesn't exceed 20 kg. Hahaha.

 My very cute and extremely smart cousin! He's REALLY smart. So I think pre-natal teaching really works. Or maybe, he's just born smart.
 The 5 boys practically glued to the tv, including the youngest, see if you can spot him (the one above)
 Hee, tingke. During some game in journalism class.
This photo was taken reeaally long ago. I think my mummy is really pretty. BUT I am really getting very tired of responses like, " Wow, she's your mum?? You two look like sisters!" And then, there was this one sales assistant that thought we were friends! Sheesh. And it doesn't help much that I curled my hair right. Cos curled hair makes you look older. 

So what, I look old la? Weird that last time in school, people always think I look 2 years younger. See how much difference hair can make? Haha.

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  1. the 5 boys staring at the tv is cute.. haha.. yeah i can spot the smallest =P