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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Perth, The Movie [Part 1] ~ Now Showing

Hi Guys! Sorry for the short hiatus. This is going to be a picture heavy post! And it's not even all the photos that I have. I have about 600 plus photos so of course I won't be posting all of them here. That would be crazy. But, I will put the FB album links at the bottom of this post in case you want to view the rest of the photos. :)

Day 1

Taken while on the plane to Perth as we were descending slowly. I really would like to know what those milky yellow pool like formations are. Anybody knows?

After we got our respective rooms and unpacked, we went out to get groceries and dinner before the stores close! They close at 5 pm. Their day ends early.

These 2 girls were busking on the street. 
The sky was really pretty. It reminded me of the fake sky in the Venetian Place in Macau.
Leg of a pig. Ain't it huge!  
These are chips but I swear they look like washing powder boxes!
And they don't have cashiers at their supermarket. They have a self-cashiering system which is pretty cool actually.
Our kitchen cabinet stocked up with our groceries. Very neat huh.

Day 2

We went shopping at Harbour Town! Seriously, this place is a must-visit if you are in Perth. Stuff there are really cheap and you can get really good bargains. Like Keith who kept on snagging 2 dollar bargains. 

I like this shot alot cos we all look tanned and happy. Hahaha.
The view from our balcony. The skies there are very blue, everyday.
Our loots! *contented faces*

After that, it was dinner at Maddie's house. Gorgeous house she has! The Aussies wear shoes into their house. They don't take them off. 
This is the living room, looks really cosy.

The kitchen, that's her dad.
One of their dogs.
With Daniel and Fiona.
Group shot!
Sleepyheads hahaha.

Day 3

We went to Fremantle for the famous Fish and Chips and then it was beach fun for the rest of the day.
A homeless guy on a bench in the city area.
 I like the effect from the sun.

The following shots are taken during the train ride to Fremantle.
From front: Me, Si Jia, Julia, Nava
Read what the sign says.
With Keith
Yum yum.
After ordering, they give us this pager-like device. It will beep and vibrate when our food is ready. 

This little baby girl had the most mesmerizing eyes I have ever seen. They are like glass!!! Clear blue-grey glass!!!
Familiar huh, geography hahaha.
We love jumpshots
This one best. He was trying to do a Buddha pose jumpshot.

Classic! Hahaha, everyone's faces. Especially Eudora's.
Sun-tanning on the beach with Julia

Now, some pictures of the most gorgeous sunset I've ever seen.
This one is so uber cool. I can't remember who took it though. But the bird looks like it's escaping from a fire.
With Mr Guo!

Day 4

First day of school at UWA and the day of the INFAMOUS HAILSTORM! What a way to start school right, with a bang!

UWA is really pretty compared to the schools we have in Singapore.
The walls of their toilet cubicles are really interesting you know. I can just spend an hour there reading all the things the students wrote if only their toilet wasn't stinky.
Oh and they have peacocks roaming freely about in school!
And then... HAILSTORM!!
We were in the lecture hall when it happened. First, we heard those really loud plonking sounds on the roofs. I just thought the raindrops were really heavy or they had lousy roofs but people started running out and so did we. And then I realised, it was A FREAKING HAILSTORM! Our reactions were really huge! Haha. We thought it was common in Perth but apparently it isn't. The last hailstorm in Perth was about 50 to 70 years ago and it hasn't rained in 3 months!
It looks like snow.
The ice!
Can you see the vapour?
See the amount of ice?
This dustbin was punctured by the falling ice.
This car had it's back windscreen shattered.
And it was badly flooded on our bus route back. Usually it will take only 10 mins but it took more than 30 mins to reach our apartments that day. And because it was flooding everywhere, we walked back barefooted, trudging through all the floodwaters, mud, twigs, leaves, etc. Quite an experience though. 
This car couldn't even move.
While waiting for the storm to pass, 2 girls among my group 'pretended' to kiss but the funniest thing about this picture is not them but Mr Guo's expression!!! LMAO. This is the kind of photo I can look back again 10 years later and still find it amusing.

Day 5
A black swan and its ducklings. The Swan River is right opposite our apartments only. 
The hailstorm damaged quite alot of things/buildings in school. Most windows were shattered and the library was flooded.

We had the famous "Broadway Pizza" for lunch/dinner. And it was really inexpensive and good too.
Eudora never fails to crack me up.
With Jeanette.
Shiva's "heart-broken" cloud.
Only in Perth, we get to sit on the grass without a mat and we wouldn't seem out of place. The students sit on the grass to have lunch, study or just chill with their friends.
With Denis.
The clouds! Pretty.

Day 6

Back at Fremantle again. This time with the teachers.
At the Fremantle Prison Museum.
After that, we went to Fremantle (Freo) Market. Bought quite a number of stuff which I am all very satisfied with. Especially the miniature guitar I bought for my brother. I am glad he likes it. And we got ourselves all an airbrush tattoo each. I got a rose above my ankle. :)

Day 7

Trip to Rottnest Island! The waters were really WOAH. The pictures say it all. Pity we were only given 30 mins to have some fun in the sea.
We saw a pelican as well! A really huge one. Looks fake though.

Day 8

We went to Joondalup for shopping and that night was the coldest night in Perth during our stay there. We were all well-prepared for it though! 
This shot is really candid! From left: Aloy, Thomas, Me and Si Jia
The boots that I am wearing belongs to Keith. He bought then at Target that afternoon for only A$20!! 

Day 9

We went back to Harbour Town again hahaha.
Emma Watson's really pretty. So we decided to have a shot taken with her poster outside a Burberry store.

Day 10

Trip to King's Park with the teachers. The tour around the park was really boring though. It didn't help much that the sun was scorching that day. But the view was stunning.
With Si Jia.

And after the tour ended, we did the most crazy thing. We walked from King's Park to UWA under the hot afternoon sun! We walked for AN HOUR!! 
This tree's really cute.

I hope I didn't miss out any photos but I should be having a part 2 when the rest have uploaded their photos to facebook. Photos from the last few days are missing from this post cos I was lazy to take pictures with my camera since the rest had their DSLRs.

I have alot of things to say about this trip in which I will continue in Part 2. :)

Here are the fb album links! Be patient and look through ALL of them ya? I know it's alot. But you get to see more gorgeous sunset pictures, hailstorm pictures and see all the fun we had lol.

Enjoy! Shall talk to you guys soon. 

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