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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Perth, The Movie [Part 2] ~ Now Showing

Okay, more photos? It's still not all though. Fiona has more to be uploaded but Shiva has not upload his, at all. His poor camera was ruined by the waves at Scarbourough Beach. I didn't go, the boys went and they said the waves were about 3 metres high? So Shiva was picking something on the ground and the waves came and his camera was soaked. Yeah. It's a good thing his memory card didn't spoil. I feel like saying poor kid but he ain't a kid hahaha. 

The animal you see in the next 3 pictures is called a quokka. It's a pity we don't have it in Singapore. IT"S SO DARN CUTE!! It looks like a kangaroo mix koala but a super small version. We saw quite a number of them at Rottnest Island. We saw a sleeping one. And we made it wake up 3 times and each time it just went back to sleep hahaha. Its sleeping position is really cute, like a human hugging his knees.

*oh please, give me some chips?*
AAAH, THIS ONE BEST. Photo credits to Damien. Don't you want to bring one home now?? Apparently, Keith and Si Jia are fighting for parental custody for this one.
Look at Jeanette in both pictures. We were supposed to act gangster or something and she obviously isn't la. 
AHAHAHAHA Eudora. The caption of this picture as quoted by Damien is that this statue in the front is closing his eyes in disapproval of Eudora 'molesting' the other statue cos he can't bear to watch. LMAO.

I miss Perth badly.


  1. Wow...these pictures are lovely.

    Now i feel the pang of missing perth so much. pizza and kebab~ the best!

    I use to eat them everyday when I was studying there :P