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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Big one, small one.

I was browsing through some of my pictures/photos folders in my macbook today and I found these photos.
I said that I will post the above pictures, I think 2 months ago? Hahaha. I took these pictures before my Perth trip, and clean forgotten all about it after I am back. At least it's up now. 

The thumbdrive is cute right? Whenever I take it out in school, I will invite cries from my friends saying, "Oh! So cute!" And then they will want to take a closer look at it and hold it in their hands, as if it's a baby or something lol. Do you know it gives off like a mini flashing light when plugged in to the USB drive? Like mimicking the flashlight from the camera. 

This thumbdrive is by far the best 'freebie' when buying an IT product from the IT fair. Cos it's like the mini version of the actual product I have. And in this case, the camera. Just look at the first photo where I put the both of them side by side. Haha. Pity it's of a different colour from the camera.
Anyway, I am glad the holidays are here although I will most probably be spending my 3 weeks on school projects. But at least, it's a breather from all the tight deadlines we had for the past few weeks. 

I am going to spend this holiday:
  1. Trying to understand what the heck is BMR all about.
  2. Brainstorm for audio production project.
  3. Start doing Broadcast Performance journals.
  4. And perhaps, BOE?

Other then schoolwork, I am going to try to see whether I can meet-up with my dear Butt. :) And squeeze in some time for a little shopping. Haha. So many things on my 'looking for' list.

Okay, hope you guys enjoyed your long weekend! And your school holidays if yours have started too.
Talk to you guys soon. ♥


  1. Soo cute..I also want..LOL

  2. Kind of cute gadget....StayTune n following your blog too.