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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hush Puppies 52nd Anniversary and Grand Opening at Marina Bay Sands

Today was Hush Puppies 52 anniversary and Grand Opening of their first eco-store at Marina Bay Sands. Since it's an eco-store, all celebrities/personalities invited were supposed to turn up with something green haha. I wore a green necklace/bracelet while the boys wore green watches.

Okay now I shall let the pictures do the talking. They are in chronological order.

Before heading to the event, we went to Team Saloon @ Vivo to do our hair.
Hair styling in the process.
With the Creative Director of Team Saloon, Liz. She was the one who styled my hair. I was really satisfied with my hairstyle for the event. Thanks Liz! The back part was really done up beautifully. Pity I forgot to snap a photo of it.
Group shot with Liz.
Sigining at the Hall of Fame.
Me, Elson and YP.
The Hall of Fame, can you spot my signature? Haha.
With Margaret from 100.3 FM
With Angeline from Mediacorp OOH Media.
With Jae Leung (Finalist from S-POP)
With May from Radio 100.3
With Jeremy from Radio 91.3 and his family. Even his daughter is smiling, so cute!
With Jae Leung (Finalist from S-POP), Angel Yeung from 883FM and Silver Ang from Wawa Picture.
Fashion show by 100.3 DJs
Ribbon cutting ceremony!
With the Hush Puppies Mascot
With the WWF mascot
Mediacorp Artistes
With Malik from Men's Health
Group shot of all the 52 invited celebrities/personalities. :)
With 大风吹
Having a media interview.
With Zen and Nick (Mediacorp artistes)
Above: With 小寒老师 and Serene Koong  from Funkie Monkie
Below: With the same people but one new addition, Jim Lim.
With Jian Wen from 100.3 FM
With Jeanine from Hush Puppies. Thanks for the invitation once again and also for the polaroid shot! :)
With our favourite pair of Hush Puppies shoes.
With YP and Elson at Macs.

I had a really awesome time at the event. I met other celebs and media personalities and there were also people serving food and drinks around - macarons, scallops, salmon just to name a few. And of course wine, champagne etc. But I drank fruit punch hahaha cos still underage what. ;) They also gave us a few gifts, one of which included is a super cute Hush Puppies soft toy!

I think the shoe designs from the recent Manhattan collection are really pretty! And having worn Hush Puppies before, they are really comfy which is very important when it comes to choosing a pair of shoes, especially heels.

If you would like to take a look at their Manhattan collection or the Spring/Summer 2010 collection, click here to take a look at their designs or just head down to the store! See the real thing better right. Haha.

So, THANK YOU Hush Puppies for the invitation!
Also, thank you Liz from Team Saloon @ Vivo. 

Thanks all! :D

Lots of love,
Yi Ting


  1. I guess i need to be more concern of our local media world...i dunno any of the DJs and celebrities above XD