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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A failed shoe-shopping trip

Finally met-up with my dear butt after a month plus, I think? Initially, our plan was to shop for shoes but I got carried away buying accessories instead. I spent $40 on accessories alone, which my ring fetish accounted the most for. I just adore rings, bought a total of 4 yesterday. Hahaha. I like pretty accessories because I think they can jazz up even the most simplest outfits. 

So despite going home without any shoe purchases yesterday. It's okay because we can do it again, right butt? :)

While waiting for butt's turn to do her manicure.

Butt choosing her colour and being indecisive as usual.
I think she's satisfied with the blue on her toes?
I like this top! It's really pretty in real life. But it's not cheap. Should have pulled my mum along. Haha.
Freaking HUGE Domo-kun!

And that, after all the shopping we headed to our favourite shaved-ice/snowflakes store, Splice!
Had peach with grape-flavoured slices because I am not really a fan of milk.
This shot fail la haha, cos butt looks like she's foaming/frothing at the mouth.
One of my favourite fruit, peach!

And my loots of the day! See that blue ring, ain't it pretty! The blue is so gorgeous!
Butt and her only loot of the day haha. Her 'kampung' style bag. Doesn't it look like those bags people in the 50s use when they want to travel to some place else? 
While waiting for shihlin's chicken to be done, Butt took this picture of me and Boss used it to make the banner you see at the top of this page. Lol.
Yum! Shihlin's food is awesome. Like the chicken and the oyster meesua.


The amount of school-work and projects that need to be completed within this 2 week long holiday is really crazy. I need to breathe, my dear school! It's a good thing all my students are going overseas for their holidays. At least now I have a little more time to myself. :)

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