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Monday, June 28, 2010

I can only get better.

Yesterday was my first singing performance in public. Although it didn't exactly go well but I learnt a few things. At least now I know what to look and for and improve. Because one can only learn from their mistakes right? Like what my title reads, I can only or am only going to get better. So I am going to train harder and work hard! 

I would like to say a huge thank you to PACO (Senior Hair Stylist) from Team Salon @ Bukit Timah Plaza for doing my hair that day. THANK YOU! I love the curls haha. And also of course, Bukit Timah Plaza for giving us the stage to perform. THANK YOU! :D

Okay now, here are pictures taken from the event. Some are taken by my parents, some taken from Boss and some from SillyKid.

Max with Angie!
Us watching by the side of the stage.
Me with Angie!
All of us.
Group shot with Shirley, SillyKid and Evon. Thanks guys for coming! Appreciate it lots, I will jiayou one! ♥
With Sillykid! Thanks for recording the videos. :)
With Angie! She was the host for the event. Jiayou Angie! 
With YP!

Altogether now. Haha.

P.S: Round 2 of voting for campusrock's "Most Popular Celebrity Talk Writer" has begun. Do vote for me if you havent! You can vote once every twelve hours by clicking on my name 'Koh Yi Ting'. Click here to vote, thanks in advance! :D

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